Ashley Burke

Ashley Burke, Counselor

Ashley Burke, M.A.

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner / Professional counselor

Specializes in: Relationships, Couples, Identity Development, Trauma, Anxiety, Life Changes, Major Life Transitions

Ashley Burke received her master's degree in Educational Psychology with a specialization in community counseling from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2012).  She is a native of Omaha and values being able to serve the Omaha community. Previously, she has provided counseling for students at the University of Creighton and for a variety of people in other community mental health settings.

I am passionate about connecting with others on a deep, meaningful level. I have always been drawn to what makes us who we are: our past experiences and relationships that have formed us up to this point. I value being able to provide a safe, comfortable space to allow you to remove barriers and to discover and BE your authentic self. 

I am here for you; to support you, join you, and challenge you. Therapy can be tough at times, and there are often challenges to overcome. I am passionate about joining you through the darkness and helping you find the light. 

Ashely Burke, Counselor, in her office.

"The good life is a process, not a state of being."

Carl Rogers